A comparison of two stories by william golding and gregor jordan

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A comparison of two stories by william golding and gregor jordan

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Today, most people see the story of Arachne as a classic, one-dimensional example of a character being punished for hubris.

If I were defeated, there is nothing which I would decline. For the girl clearly comes across as vain and overly disrespectful. Minerva was seen as the protector of virginity, so for Arachne to deliberately depict the sexual wantonness of the immortals is a direct slap in the face to the goddess.

Pallas and Arachne, Peter Paul Rubens, However, it is likely that Ovid made minor changes from an existing story to better fit his own complex message.

Specifically, he probably changed the tale to make Arachne attempt to hang herself after Minerva destroyed her weaving, making her metamorphosis the thing that saves her life, rather than the punishment itself. As a result it is easier for readers to see Arachne as a victim, even though she is overconfident and sacrilegious.

Also, because Arachne does not back down to Minerva even though she cannot combat her punishment, Ovid portrays her challenge of the goddess as standing up against an oppressive system.

Listening to Rod Dreher read the final paragraph of After Virtue, I was struck by MacIntyre's description of the political prerequisite for forming communities of virtue in the new dark ages that. Cocktails in Literature. Books are remembered for their characters, plots, language, humor, and heartbreak. They're not typically remembered for their cocktails, and yet many of literature's most famous stories are so full of booze their pages practically reek of it. The tale of Arachne is one of the most famous stories in Ovid’s Metamorphoses.. Ovid describes Arachne as a young girl from Lydia who despite her humble beginnings has risen to fame due to her remarkable weaving talent.

Ovid makes us sympathize with Arachne because of her unfair punishment, her courageous defiance against impossible odds. Thus, Minerva has already been cast as a harsh deity with little pity for mortal women.

In contrast, Ovid presents the character of Arachne only in this story, so the reader must form an opinion of her within the parameters of this account. She is a stubborn, independent, talented artist, who is passionate about her work. These traits attributed to the young weaver could just as easily be used to describe Ovid as a poet: If the poet is using Arachne as a foil for himself, the fact that he has established sympathy for the character makes him more appealing in the eyes of his audience.

Penelope and the Suitors, John William Waterhouse The similarity of their devotion to the arts strengthens the connection between Ovid and Arachne. For the concepts of weaving and writing have long been considered linked.

A comparison of two stories by william golding and gregor jordan

There are many parallels between composing a story and weaving a tapestry click here for weaving in another Ovidian myth. However, most of his readership was probably aware of the longstanding tradition in literature and society of weaving being one of the few activities and outlets of self-expression for women, and that women especially skilled in this craft were deemed particularly special.

They would have known about the famed weaving talents of mythological women, such as. This mythological heritage strengthens its correlation with literature, which in Rome, was the counterpart of weaving to Ovid and his peers. Such an association makes it clearer that Ovid is using the character of Arachne to represent himself.

The two even include some of the same subjects, as, for example, Ovid writes about Europa in Book II of the Metamorphoses.

Like Arachne was ultimately transformed into a spider due to her offensive textile, Ovid was exiled from Rome by the emperor Augustus at least in part due to the seemingly corrupt vulgarity of his Ars Amatoria.

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The Roman government disapproved of some of his earlier publications such as the Amores due to their carefree nature and subject matter, but it was the Ars Amatoria the regime saw as unacceptable.

Arachne is like Ovid in that they both have great artistic skill, and their superiors suppress them. For Ovid could be using the story of Arachne to offer his own perspective on events in his life. Afterwards, despite the actions taken against them to halt their skilled work, they both persist in their talents, as Arachne continues to weave as a spider and Ovid composed poetry while in exile.

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Therefore, the story shows how upsetting it is for the poet that the Roman government has censored literary works, preventing people from reading them. Overall, with the story of Arachne in his Metamorphoses, Ovid uses the challenge of a mortal against a powerful goddess and the destruction of a weaving to represent censorship of literature by the Roman government.

Works Cited Ovid describes the parts of the loom and how they are used in great detail in the story of Arachne. Scroll over the picture of the loom further down to learn more. Minerva portrays how Neptune gave the city a salt spring, which was much less useful than her gift.

Vied with Juno, who defeated her, turned her into a crane, and forced her to declare war on her own people. A Trojan princess who competed with Juno.

Juno turned her into a stork. A man whose daughters claimed they were more beautiful than the gods, and were therefore transformed into steps of a temple.Lord of the Flies, Centenary Edition: William Golding, Stephen King Find this Pin and more on Books by Erin..

Buy Lord of Flies Centenary edition by William Golding - Golding's classic, startling, and perennially bestselling portrait of human. Browsing subject area: Shakespeare, William, -- Criticism and interpretation (Exclude extended shelves) You can also browse an alphabetical list from this subject or from: Shakespeare, William, -- Criticism and interpretation Two dissertations on the Hamlet of Saxo Grammaticus and of Shakespear.

In their work on William Golding’s fiction, Kinkead-Weekes and Gregor () claim that The Inheritors, more concerned with matters of mythic significance, forfeited “most .

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The Story of the Kelly Gang is a Australian silent film that traces the exploits of 19th-century bushranger and outlaw Ned Kelly and his gang.

It was directed by Charles Tait and shot in and around the city of Melbourne. This is Neverland crossed with William Golding’s Lord of the Flies; there is jealousy, anger, maliciousness, and death. And this Peter Pan is a young man who has his sinister sights set on Wendy. And this Peter Pan is a young man who has his sinister sights set on Wendy/5(4).

Golding established regulated speech Our Story News Press FAQ Symbols play an important role in William Golding's Lord of the Flies The a comparison of two stories by william golding and gregor jordan slides portray an in-depth comparison of the two The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian Sherman a comparison of two stories by william.

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