A study on agricultural biotechnology education essay

In particular, I challenge many of the arguments put forward by Altieri and Rosset in their paper published in this issue of AgBioForum.

A study on agricultural biotechnology education essay

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But first let us see how bio-sciences as a discipline has developed and diversified over the years.

Biotechnology assignment help include bio-sciences that constitute a vast discipline comprising of biotechnology as its sub-field. Biotechnology is the useful technical application of living organisms in order to develop useful products.

It is a combination of technology, micro-biology, computer sciences and chemical engineering. History of Biotechnology Humans have been inadvertently using bio-technology in order to modify plants and convert food sources.

Early agriculturalists used to select A study on agricultural biotechnology education essay that would resist the attack of pests and insects and also lead to the highest amount of yield. Later on people discovered organisms that would trap nitrogen and lead to greater productivity.

Then fermentation was discovered which was used in brewing and leavening of bread. Another use of bio-technology was in the animal kingdom. People for a long time had done selective breeding without knowing that it was another form of bio-technological innovation. Later in 19th century, Charles Darwin came up with the idea of natural selection of species while explaining his theory of evolution.

The third most important usage of biotechnology was in the field of medicine. InChaim Weizmann used microbiological culture in an industrial process in order to produce acetone which was utilized in producing explosives.

InAlexander Fleming discovered Penicillium which led to the development of antibiotics. Recent years have seen astounding discoveries being made in field of genetics, bio-informatics and bio-robotics.

The marvels of genetic engineering are for everybody. Scientists now-a-days can tweak the genetic structure of an organism by introducing a new DNA.

The result is the birth of a GMO or a genetically modified organism that has an altered genetic makeup. A GMO bacterium was discovered in The GMO mouse was discovered in and fromgenetically modified food was produced commercially. Get biotechnology assignment help at the best rate in MyAssignmenthelp.

Main Areas of Biotechnology The main areas covered in biotechnology assignment help are the following: Bio-informatics Bio-informatics uses computer science, mathematics and other subjects to study and process biological data. It is heavily used in genetic mapping and processing gene related information.

Bio-robotics Bio-robotics is another inter-disciplinary field used in biotechnology assignment help using biological information to study and develop robots that can emulate biological functions.

Bio-process engineering Bio-engineering uses knowledge of biology to produce various useful products in the fields of agriculture, pharmaceuticals and chemicals which are environmentally sustainable and biologically useful. Our experts offer biotechnology assignment help on bio-process engineering also.

Chemical engineering Biotechnology assignment help include chemical engineering that combines chemistry and engineering to put them to use for manufacturing industry. Nano-technology, fuel-cells and bio-engineering are its sub-branches.

Application of Biotechnology Biotechnology has not only diversified into several sub-disciplines, its application in various fields has also increased manifold. We primarily mention three areas of research in our biotechnological assignment help. Agriculture In agriculture, biotechnology is applied in several different fields.

They are used to manufacture genetically modified organisms GMOsproduction of bio-fuels, pharmaceutical agents and bioremediation. Several successful GMOs have been produced in recent years.

The production of GMOs has attracted some controversy in recent years and therefore needs to be dealt with separately. Our biotechnology assignment help include genetic engineering focus on producing genetically modified crops, fish etc.

However, governments across the world are still not sure about the use of GMOs and as such regulations differ from one country to another.

A study on agricultural biotechnology education essay

Europe on the other hand allows the cultivation of select few varieties of GMO crop but allows the import of most of them. Want biotechnology assignment help online? Medicine In pharmaceutical industry, biological information is constantly used to produce newer drugs. Pharmacogenomics combines pharmacology and genetics to understand how drugs work on human bodies.

Cutting edge research work on stem cell has been made possible.Biotechnology assignment help include bio-sciences that constitute a vast discipline comprising of biotechnology as its sub-field.

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Biotechnology is the useful technical application of living organisms in order to develop useful products/5(14K).

Biotechnology Researcher: Job Description, Duties, Salary and Outlook. Learn about the education and preparation needed to become a biotechnology researcher.

Biotechnology essaysAdvancements in all fields of technology are inevitable in the information age, like the invention of the New Leafs in biotechnology.

A study on agricultural biotechnology education essay

These technological advances have brought society to a new improved level. It is because of this biotechnology that we have so many advantages suc. Biotechnology companies, national and international organizations, including the Consultative Group on International Agricultural Research (CGIAR), and numerous academics (e.g., Ruttan ) have continued to argue for the need to increase agricultural productivity so that sufficient food supplies exist to meet the demand forthcoming from a swelling world population.

A study of West Virginia agricultural education teachers found that most of the teachers lacked applied knowledge in biotechnology, but supported the importance and benefits of biotechnology being integrated into the agricultural curriculum (Boone et al. Biotechnology careers offers quite a bit of overlap; for instance, a soil and plant scientist might choose to eventually work as an agricultural and food scientist, and their education might support both paths.