Case study of ptsd patient

It was a mild, sunny Tuesday in early September. I was in my studio apartment on Second Avenue, near 70th Street, eating breakfast and watching the morning news. My Dalmatian, Freddie, was in the bedroom, asleep in his crate, with the door open. Suddenly a loud explosion came from behind him.

Case study of ptsd patient

Yvonne Christie Running head: A narrative case description that supports the diagnosis as well as empirically supported treatment is will be included.

As part of the treatment plan the presenting problems will be identified and correlated to the criteria set forth in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, 4th edition text revision DSM-IV-TR multi- axial diagnosis.

This case study will cover a holistic approach that addresses: This paper concludes with a self-critique by the therapist regarding every aspect of the presented case study.

He stated that he had served in Vietnam, Panama, Grenada, the Gulf War, and several other armed conflicts. Dick explained that being in the military for twenty years he has been exposed to a wide variety of cultures and environments.

Case study of ptsd patient

He described tours as taking place across the globe and that he had fought in jungles, deserts, and urban settings. He emphasized the most painful wounds that he had sustained could not be seen by the naked eye.

DVDs on PTSD & Trauma for Clinicians, Survivors and Health Care Providers - Gift From Within

He served from late until mid in Vietnam and was assigned to rescue missions via river patrol boats and Special Operations.

The client was a civilian for a few years, and then re-entered the armed forces and completed his twenty-year career serving in Special Operations, or as he termed it Special Ops. According to Dick, although it has been over thirty years since the Vietnam War, the majority of his problems stem from that time with varying levels of intensity.

Dick reports that he did not experience any of his current PTSD symptoms during his active duty time. Dick says he has just made a major geographic relocation this past year and feels very good about the move, but this has triggered some intense flashbacks and other symptoms.

Dick decided to seek treatment in the hopes of laying some of his ghosts to rest once and for all. He feels he is in a good stable position emotionally and mentally, as well as very motivated to take a more aggressive treatment approach. Prior to it was documented under many names.

American heroes returned home after the Vietnam War to be greeted by an angry and apathetic country. The effects of PTSD gradually went away for a select group of fortunate veterans after they were reunited with family and friends.

PTSD Case Study Examples

Some were not so lucky and the effects of PTSD began to do serious damage to those unable to receive any support or help Haley, The Vietnam War reached into almost every aspect of American life.

The family, community and the whole nation were impacted by the ordeal these soldiers went through on their tour of duty in Vietnam.

The continued stress of combat causes an adaptive split. This happens, according to Horowitz, to any person exposed to extreme stress Treatment Plan Identifying Information The client will be referred to as Dick, since his true identity has been withheld in accordance with the International Committee of Medical Journal study: ptsd, depression, anxiety Linda was 26 years old when she first visited Amen Clinics.

She had a history of 2 prior violent rapes (age 15 and 22), a physically abusive love relationship, along with experiencing the deaths of 8 friends (age ). Suicide Risk and Risk of Death Among Recent Veterans.

Among deployed and non-deployed active duty Veterans who served during the Iraq or Afghanistan wars between and , the rate of suicide was greatest the first three years after leaving service, according to a recent study.

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Robert Baral*COUNSELING*case study–Post Traumatic Stress Disorder*3/14/ AD**p 6 the patient to feel secure enough in therapy to openly express his emotions stemming from his known childhood and possible wartime relationship losses.

PTSD videos, CDs and DVDs that teach you about posttraumatic stress disorder and compassion fatigue featuring Frank Ochberg and Charles Figley and other members of the International Society for Traumatic Stress Studies.

Learn about symptoms, treatment and support and how you can cope with it. Initial evidence suggests that IPT may also benefit patients with posttraumatic stress disorder ([PTSD]; Bleiberg & Markowitz, ; Campanini et al., ; Krupnick et al., ; Ray et al., ; Robertson et al., ; Robertson et al., ).

There are at least two rationales for testing IPT for this population.

Case study of ptsd patient

The beta-blocker propranolol may present a promising treatment for posttraumatic stress disorder, according to 2 studies presented at the Canadian Psychiatric Association 60th Annual Conference.

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