Consumer buying behavior for life insurance

Consumer behavior for life insurance product in kathmandu: Consumer behavior for life insurance product in kathmandu Presented by: Youwa Raj Wali Topics to be presented: Introduction Background of the study Statement of the problem Objectives of the study Significance of the study Limitation of the study Organization of the study Literature Review:

Consumer buying behavior for life insurance

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A A Is whole life insurance right for you? Follow our advice to assess this most misunderstood coverage Published: April 06, The main reason—it offers bargain-price protection that pays a large benefit to your survivors if you die during the typical to year term of the contract.

The confusion starts with the fact that whole life insurance combines two financial products—life insurance and an investment—into one that is supposed to serve your needs over your entire lifetime. But life is unpredictable, and the circumstances that drove your initial purchase can be very different a decade later.

A period of financial stress, say, may prompt you to eliminate the high annual payment and surrender the policy for its cash value.

Running the numbers Click on the image to expand it. To grasp the value of whole life insurance, you need to see how it and term life insurance operate in practical terms.

But at age 70, in our example, the year term protection ends. A traditional whole life insurance policy purchased at 40, keeps the death benefit in force beyond age 70, as long as premiums are paid dashed-blue, then solid-blue line.

Whole life premiums are steep, though: Alternatively, you could buy the year term policy and each year invest the difference between the whole- and term-life premiums in conservative year Treasury notes. T-notes are a comparable alternative to investing in whole life, in terms of liquidity, risk, and resulting returns; a stock mutual fund would not be comparable.

In this illustration, which assumes that the current 2. So one value of whole life is the continuing death benefit dark-blue line for your heirs while you continue to build cash value.

Those returns, not guaranteed but likely, can be reasonably estimated. So your savings tread water while providing lifelong life insurance, and you can pass on the assets tax-free to your heirs. Whole life insurance can provide benefits while you're still alive.

Check out the worthwhile long-term care rider. Timing is everything The name of the game is to hold on to your policy until you die. That means the value of a whole life policy depends on how long you own it. Here's what to look for: Less than five years If a reversal of fortune causes you to quit the policy in less than five years, whole life is a lousy investment.

You will have received the value of the life insurance protection for that period, but that will be wildly overpriced because you could have paid significantly less for a simple term policy.

Sixteen years If you dump your policy around the 16th year, your cash surrender value plus the value of the insurance you received will be about what you put in.

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Two decades and beyond As our chart shows, if you steadily maintain your payments for two decades, the returns on whole life, including dividends, start significantly pulling away from the term plus Treasuries alternative. Meanwhile, surrender charges have usually disappeared, if you want to cash out.KEYWORDS: consumer behaviour, life insurance, decision-stages, decision-model, strategies.

Introduction: “A Consumer behavior” has been defined as “a process a consumer . Request PDF on ResearchGate | A STUDY OF BUYING BEHAVIOUR OF CONSUMERS TOWARDS LIFE INSURANCE POLICIES | Volume 3, Issue 3/4 Abstract: India is a country where the average selling of life.

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consumer behavior in the choice of insurance against death was carried out.

Consumer buying behavior for life insurance

This insured risk was chosen because for most insurers in the product offering as one of the key and it occurs. Consumer behavior for life insurance product in kathmandu Presented by: Youwa Raj Wali Topics to be presented: Topics to be presented Introduction Literature Review Research Methodology Data Presentation and Analysis Summary, Conclusions and Research Implication.

4 Life insurance consumer purchase behavior Over the past five years, the individual life insurance industry has experienced slowed growth in the face of.

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