Direct marketing and relationships an opinion

Image by maja majika Having been around since the s, database marketing is nothing new. However, due to the recent data explosion where the amount of information and the number of sources it is being obtained from have increased to unprecedented levels; the possibilities its effective use provides are becoming ever more fruitful.

Direct marketing and relationships an opinion

Of course, when done appropriately and correctly, direct marketing can produce significant returns on investment. Direct Mail Perhaps the most common direct marketing strategy remains mailers.

Whether in the form of letters, postcards, pamphlets or advertising circulars, getting your message out by mail "directly" to your target audience can be very effective.

They key is that as people sift through their mail, their eyes gloss over each piece for just a second -- so your mailer has to be able to capture their interest in the moment to get them to read more. Email Campaigns In the age of electronic media, many companies use email the same way that they use mail.

Distributing a message by email avoids the costs of printing and mailing, and therefore is cheaper than a print mail campaign. This can be somewhat remedied when consumers sign up for your emails and they have elected the messages. However, some national chains with locations all over, such as the big pizza franchises, make use of this technique too.

Text Messages New media bring new forms of direct marketing. Many companies have begun to use text messages as a way to promote their products and sales to their customers.

Direct marketing and relationships an opinion

Laws prohibit sales of cell phone numbers, so mass textings at random are not possible. However, may businesses ask customers for their numbers and permission to text them with promotional information. This can be a great way to entice them to return or do further business with you.

Social Media Many companies have taken to getting their messages out via social media. Customers can link to your business and you can even seek out potential customers to "friend" or link.

Sending out messages through your network can help you get the word out about events, sales, new products, new services or changes in your business.Direct marketing and relationships An opinion piece Design/methodology/approach – This is a personal viewpoint based on many years of working in, teaching and research of direct and relationship marketing.

The relationship marketing indicates that the marketers should make a long-term relationship with their customers and, in order for the development of customer loyalty, focus on the creation of.

Direct marketing involves making direct connections with carefully targeted individual consumers to both obtain an immediate response and cultivate lasting customer relationships—through the use of direct mail, telephone, direct-response television, e-mail, and the .

Direct marketing helps you build direct relationships with your customers. You can personalise promotions, letters and offers to create an immediate link with your customer and increase their personal connection to your business. – The paper finds that both disciplines of direct marketing and relationship marketing have something of value to the other.

The combination of the two strategies can only be of value and benefit to both customers and organisations. Direct marketing has matured into an increasingly exact and complex science requiring knowledgeable and experienced practitioners.

More and more marketers are convinced that they need to develop closer relationships with their customers in order to achieve behavioural loyalty.

Direct marketing and relationships an opinion
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