Foreign exchange rate

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Foreign exchange rate

Exchange rates are used to compare international prices of goods and services. They Foreign exchange rate also used to compare the return on foreign currency-denominated stocks and bonds to the return on domestic assets.

In the s, the stress was on the monetary approach to balance of payments. The focus of attention in this approach was on international trade flows as primary determinants of exchange. Such exchange rate changes would lead to changes in international relative prices that would work to eliminate the trade imbalances like surplus or deficit.

In recent years, due to financial liberalisation, the volume of international trade in financial assets has far exceeded trade in goods and services. This is why a new approach to exchange rate determination has been devised.

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This is known as the asset approach or portfolio balance approach which explains the real-world events. This theory places a much greater emphasis on the role of the exchange rate as one of many prices in the global market for financial assets.

In this context, we consider the asset approach to exchange rate determination in detail. The asset approach to exchange rate determination emphasises financial markets for assets. Whereas the traditional view is that the exchange rate gets adjusted to equilibrate international Foreign exchange rate in goods, the asset approach suggests that the exchange rate gets adjusted to equilibrate international transactions flows in financial assets.

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Exchange rates will change any day as supplies and demands for financial assets of different nations change. The asset approach assumes perfect capital mobility. In a world in which there are no barriers to international capital flows, covered interest arbitrage will ensure covered interest rate parity: Krugman has developed the asset approach to exchange rate determination.

Two main attributes of assets remaining the same, viz. This statement holds when investors have the option of investing those funds either within their domestic country or abroad.

And the return on an asset, such as interest rate on foreign bonds, plays an important role in exchange rate determination. The rate of return on a deposit of a particular currency is the interest rate or the amount of that currency an individual earns by lending a Unit of currency for a year.

This is the variable which determines whether an individual will invest his funds within the domestic economy or abroad. He will always compare the rates of interest which prevail in two different countries, viz, the home country and foreign country, while deciding which asset domestic or foreign to buy.

In other words, each type of deposit pays a certain amount of interest depending on the currency in which it is denominated i.

The dollar interest rate is simply the dollar rate of return on dollar deposits. The interest rate offered by a dollar and a British deposit will indicate how their dollar and pound values will change over a year.

How can we find out which deposit offers a higher expected rate of return? To answer this question, we have to raise another question: If an American uses dollar to buy a pound deposit, how many dollars will he get back after a year? In order to answer this question we have to calculate the dollar rate of return on a pound deposit because we are comparing the dollar price today with its dollar price after a year.

The dollar rate of return on British deposits is the British interest plus the rate of depreciation of the dollar against the pound.

Foreign exchange rate

The difference in the expected rate of return between dollar and pound deposits is equal to less the expression given by eqn. When this difference is positive, the dollar deposits yield the higher expected rate of return; when it is negative, the pound deposits yield the higher expected rate of return.

The rate of return differential will be the same if returns are expressed in terms of pounds. Thus, in terms of pounds, the return on a dollar deposit is: We may now see what happens when a US resident buys a one-year UK bond.

After one year the bond matures. Now the US resident wants to convert the pounds into dollars because he ultimately wants dollars for his family expenditure. Alternatively we can determine dollar return from the UK bond by adding the UK interest rate to the percentage change in the exchange rate.About The rate at which one currency can be exchanged for another forms the basis for the modern foreign exchange markets.

Occasionally, these rates are fixed values that can be relied upon not to change over periods of time. Foreign Exchange Rates (FOREX) Disclaimer: While every effort is made to ensure the accuracy of the rates published on the Bank's website, customer are advised to .

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Foreign exchange rates are one of the top factors you should consider when transferring money overseas.

Foreign exchange rate

The exchange rate determines how much one country’s currency is worth in another currency. When a country’s currency is strong, it will yield more money when exchanging it in a country with a weak currency.

Nov 11,  · To calculate exchange rate, multiply the money you have by the current exchange rate, which you can find through Google or by calling the Department of the Treasury. For example, if you want to convert $ to pesos when 1 dollar equals pesos, then you would have 1, pesos after the K.

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