How to set up your own

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How to set up your own

A better way to part with your favorite device. Just answer a few questions about your device. Your data stays safe. Just use iCloud or Time Machine to move everything in a few steps. It goes on to help the planet.

You may be done with your device, but chances are it still has more to give. Learn about Daisy and the environment Just mail it out, or bring it in. Trading in your device is as easy as buying a new one.

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Or you can bring it to an Apple Store. If your trade-in device is eligible for credit, you can offset the purchase price of a new one.

How does it work? Just answer a few questions either in an Apple Store or online regarding the brand, model, and condition of your device. Once we receive your trade-in device, a team inspects it and verifies its condition. It depends on where and when you make a purchase.

And no matter how you use Apple GiveBack, if your device has no trade-in value, you can always recycle it responsibly for free. How long does the online trade-in process take?

How to set up your own

Generally it takes 2—3 weeks. But the sooner you send us your device, the sooner we can verify its condition and process your trade-in refund or gift card. Recycling a device is much faster. As soon as we email you a prepaid shipping label, just send your device to our recycling partner.

If I buy a new device online and add a trade-in, what kind of refund will I get? It depends on what you buy and how you pay for it. Can I see what my device is worth online, then bring it with me when I buy a new device in the store? You can, but the refund value you get in the store may be different from the estimated refund value you received online.

Also, if you add a trade-in while purchasing a new device on apple. How much will I get for my trade-in? It depends on the device, model, manufacturer, and condition. Keep in mind that we need to receive your trade-in on time and the condition needs to match what you told us.

Does Apple offer recycling? Apple GiveBack lets you recycle any Apple device including devices from Apple-owned brands at any Apple Store and on apple. That includes your batteries and old electronic products as well as free, on-demand packaging recycling for our commercial, education, and institutional customers.

Everything we accept is recycled responsibly. What devices are eligible for trade in with Apple GiveBack?Kano is the most simple and fun way to learn to code, and make your own technology.

Kits and more for all ages. Welcome! Please select your country. If your country is not listed, you may purchase from the U.S. store at U.S. prices plus shipping.

How to set up your own

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