Save fuel save environment

We love that it comes in convenient quantities for tanks, and is an all-around improver for your diesel.

Save fuel save environment

Drive smart and save How to get more out of the fuel you buy Fuel consumption has a lot to do with the car you buy, but whatever you drive there are things you can do to save fuel, save money and cut pollution. Pack carefully to reduce drag, or take it off.

Check traffic news before you go too. Combine short trips — cold starts use more fuel so it pays to combine trips if you can. Driving Smooth and gentle — drive smoothly, accelerate gently and read the road ahead to avoid braking unnecessarily.

Decelerate smoothly by releasing the accelerator in time, leaving the car in gear. Keep rolling — stopping then starting again uses more fuel than rolling. Slow early for traffic lights or approaching a queue and you might not have to stop completely.

Change up earlier — don't labour the engine but try changing up at an engine speed of around 2, rpm diesel or 2, petrol. Since new car models have been fitted with a gear shift indicator to encourage use of the most efficient gear.

Save our forests: 11 things you can to do save Bolivias forests

Use your air-con wisely — at low speeds, air-con increases fuel consumption but at higher speeds the effect is less noticeable. Try opening the windows around town and save the air-con for high speed driving.

Don't leave it on all the time but running it at least once a week helps keep the system in good condition. Cut down on the electrics — turn off your rear window heater, demister fan and headlights when you don't need them Stick to the limit — going faster uses more fuel.

Is it best to idle or switch off?

Save fuel save environment

Up-rated battery, starter motor and charging system. Many have a second battery to help protect sensitive electronics when restarting.

Wood Burning Stoves and multi-fuel stoves from Country Kiln

You lose engine braking and risk overheating your brakes. Coasting won't save you fuel these days either. When you take your foot off the accelerator the ECU cuts the fuel supply to the injectors anyway so there's nothing to be gained by coasting. How much can you save?

Take a note of the overall average you're getting now Reset the computer and start recording a new average Try to compare similar periods of time — whole weeks or months say — and similar types of driving To work out your average mpg without an on-board computer: Fill the tank and record the mileage Keep a record of any subsequent fuel purchases you don't have to completely fill the tank again until you're ready to work out your mpg.

Ideally go back to the same pump at the same garage you first filled the car and fill the tank again to the same level Divide the total mileage since the first fill by the total number of litres used and multiply by 4.Latest Stories Introduction of FSC's Australian National Forest Stewardship Standard.

Date: Nov Author: David Rowlinson Planet Ark's Make It Wood campaign delighted to see the introduction of FSC's Australian National Forest Stewardship Standard, which has been developed specifically for Australian conditions, and will have a continuing positive impact on Australia's built environment.

Using less paper can save our forests. Reduce the amount of paper you use.

Save fuel save environment

Millions of trees are felled each year to make paper and cardboard products. Wood Burning Stoves. Through their family business, Wood Burning Stoves Limited, Tom and Susan Bagan have personally overseen the design, manufacture and distribution of their Country Kiln wood burning and multi-fuel stoves for over a decade.

SavelFuel - things you should always do to save fuel and to save environment while driving - Fuel saving tips every driver should know. The Save The World Project "Protecting the world's environment, one person & one business at a time." Today we all face a great challenge.

The use of fossil fuels to create electricity and power cars, trucks and planes has begun to impact the global climate. Econizer - Save Fuel. Save Environment., Karachi, Pakistan.

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