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Maybe this is a world first. Which country will be the first to follow?

Sunday telegraph business reporter jobs

The wheels are in motion for yet another biased story on Universal Medicine, after Daily Telegraph journalist Jane Hansen contacted founder Serge Benhayon last week with a series of leading questions about the student run charity, The College of Universal Medicine.

There is evidence to suggest she is actively collaborating with both anti-Universal Medicine blogger Esther Rockett, who works actively with anti-UM ring leader Lance Martin.

Both have form in attracting mainstream media interest in their lies about UM, even putting their name to several documents detailing a litany of defamatory and insulting allegations against the Lismore-based business. Ms Rockett had attended three or four healing sessions and a seminar with Serge Benhayon nine years ago and had no complaints at the time, or since, until But in late she began making a slew of baseless complaints to the HCCC while also harassing medical practitioners associated with Universal Medicine at their workplaces.

sunday telegraph business reporter jobs

The courses are written by students in their own fields of expertise, but inspired by the teachings of Universal Medicine. This despite dozens of qualified professionals in their respective fields offering the media their own accounts of the good conduct and sound, practical philosophy of Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine.

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What matters is not that the complaint is baseless - that is a given, due to Rockett and Martin's track record with complaints they have made. The problem is that the media is able to speculate on the meaning of the complaint, and use it to bolster their story, before it is deemed illegitimate by Fair Trading or Liquor and Gaming.

The Hansen article will give the media another opportunity to regurgitate a narrative of lies pushed by a small group of critics with an obvious agenda, a narrative that is alive and well thanks to previous dodgy efforts by scoop-hungry hacks. Hansen, however, is in another realm of experience to those journalists, but sadly is stepping back to familiar territory from her days hustling for A Current Affair.

Martin and Rockett never used their real names online until they were exposed by Universal Medicine students. The marvels of modern medicine, which I am a strong advocate of, are doing, as I term it, a marvelous job. But it is not enough, evidenced by the fact that just in one small part of the world alone, where I am currently the UK - [quoting figures from Cancer Research UK] '49, women and men in the UK were diagnosed with invasive breast cancer in '.

Many clients have responded to these simple principles and are today enjoying the vibrancy and real joy and love in their lives.

Either it reflects that your journalist has not researched her sources, which is concerning itself. He wrote that the conduct of Rockett represented: This submission has not been referenced or published due to it not meeting the terms of reference. Dwyer, who has also made ill-informed comments about UM, has a pedigree for this - he has campaigned for years against the teaching of complementary therapies in universities.

Perhaps the most obvious breach of ethics in the lead-up to the story was this: On Saturday, Rockett tweeted: Universal Medicine article tomorrow in the Sunday Telegraph Sydney Will UM answer the questions?

sunday telegraph business reporter jobs

In the tweet she hyper-linked to a blog post in which she wrote: No amount of presentation of the clear facts to either the editor of the Sunday Telegraph or Jane Hansen herself has encouraged them to think clearly about the story. Further Reading on the Universal Medicine Facts blog:After beginning his career at the Slough Evening Mail, a stint at Press Association led Simon Walters to a political reporter job at The Sun in He worked his way up Sunday Express as.

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November 24, A major high street retailer could be coming to Dundee as part of plans to build a £6 million development on the Murraygate.

CREDIT: ALAMY. By Robert Mendick, chief reporter and Dominic Nicholls 1 OCTOBER • PM.

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